But I am not a Nerd!

We want to bring all the people together who are involved in the process of creating a new social media. For this we not only need those, who can code.

We especially need the users, who know best, what they wish for. Since it is you guys that we want to get back in control, we also need your opinion on stuff.

We don’t want a world where most of the people can be manipulated by Faceboogle. We want all people to be responsible in their computer usage. Therefore it is especially you nonnerds who should take interest in our project and take part in deciding how our future social media platform should look like.

There’s plenty of things that you can do:

  • you can participate on our voting platform, the The Liquid Feedback of socialswarm. We want you to have more than just your say on how the solution that everyone needs should be shaped. If you want an account for our Liquid Feedback send a mail to Leena(at)foebud(dot)org.
  • you can translate pages in the wiki. Some of them (for example the main page) are already translated you can have a look how that works.
  • you can join the mailinglists and onlinemeetings. Find out how